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Recipe Cuisine Type Ingredient Section Person
Recipe Cuisine Type Ingredient Section Person
Artichoke DipDipArtichockeAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Asiago and Sun-dried Tomato DipDipAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Asparagus Ham Roll-UpsAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Bacon and Cheese-Stuffed DatesAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Bacon DatesAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Baked Goat CheeseAppetizers and SnacksBobby Collins
Black Bean SalsaSalsa, DipAppetizers and SnacksConnie Horany
Bobbie's Hot SauceMexicanSalsaAppetizers and SnacksBobby Collins
Buffalo Chicken DipDipChickenAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Captain Rodney's Cheese BakeAppetizers and SnacksNatalie Horany
CevicheAppetizers and SnacksBobby Collins
Chile Rellenos DipDipAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Corn DipDipAppetizers and SnacksStacy Lundy
Crab Stuffed MushroomsAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
CrabbiesAppetizers and SnacksHeather Mooty
Creamy Whipped Brie w/ Cranberry SalsaAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Cucumber DipDipAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Dill DipDipAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Fiesta DipDipAppetizers and SnacksKrystal Cooper
Fruit DipFruitAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Ham and Swiss Mini SandwichesAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
HummusLebaneseAppetizers and SnacksGrandma (Lou Horany)
Killer QuesoMexicanAppetizers and SnacksHeather Mooty
Marinated Green ChilesAppetizers and SnacksNancy Hildebrant
Mediterranean PizzaAppetizers and SnacksJessica Hildebrant
Natalie's DipDipAppetizers and SnacksNatalie Horany
Nut CrackersAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Onion-Stuffed MushroomsAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Party MixAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Pepper PoppersAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Pumpkin Pie DipDipAppetizers and SnacksNancy Hildebrant
Ranch CrackersAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
Salmon BitesAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Salmon DipDipAppetizers and SnacksKrystal Cooper
Savory Parmesan BitesAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Savory Strawberry & Spinach DipDipAppetizers and SnacksJessica Hildebrant
Seasoned AlmondsAppetizers and SnacksHeather Mooty
Seasoned PretzelsAppetizers and SnacksHeather Mooty
Spicy Black Bean HummusLebaneseAppetizers and SnacksStephanie Collins
Spinach Artichoke DipDipAppetizers and SnacksNancy Hildebrant
Spinach Cheese DipDipAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Sun-Dried Tomato DipDipAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Sweet Potato HummusLebaneseAppetizers and SnacksMegan Hildebrant
Texas CaviarAppetizers and SnacksLindsey Pilarczyk
Tomatillo SalsaAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Tomato TartAppetizers and SnacksTraci Horany Bayer
Velveeta and Sausage Hors d'OeuvresAppetizers and SnacksPatricia Cooper
White QuesoMexicanAppetizers and SnacksNancy Hildebrant
Artichoke Chicken SaladSaladChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Asian Salad with Macadamia ChickenSaladChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Asparagus Orzo SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesTraci Horany Bayer
Baked Potato SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesTraci Horany Bayer
Beef StewStewSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Best Chicken SaladSaladChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesNatalie Horany
Best Chili EverChiliSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Black-Eyed Pea StewStewSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Blueberry SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Broccoli Bacon SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStacy Lundy
Broccoli Slaw SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesConnie Horany
Butternut Squash SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesMegan Hildebrant
Caesar SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesBobby Collins
Chicken and DumplingsAmericanChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Chicken Chili with Black BeansChiliChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Chicken SaladSaladChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesConnie Horany
Chicken Taco SoupMexicanSoupChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesStacy Lundy
ColeslawSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Corn, Mango, Edamame SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Cowboy Beef & Bean SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesBobby Collins
Cream of Broccoli SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Fresh Spinach and Pea SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Grape SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesTraci Horany Bayer
Greek SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Greek Salad with Avocado, Shrimp, and Caper VinaigretteSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Green Bean Salad with BaconSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesTraci Horany Bayer
Hearty Tomato SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesHeather Mooty
Italian Soup and SausageSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesHeather Mooty
Lentil SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Marinated Cole SlawSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Marinated TomatoesSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesConnie Horany
Mexican Chicken ChowderMexicanSoupChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesNancy Hildebrant
Mexican SaladMexicanSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Potato SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStacy Lundy
Pretzel SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Quinoa Salad with Asparagus, Dates & OrangesSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Sage and Parmesan CroutonsSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesMegan Hildebrant
Sonoma Chicken SaladSaladChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesStacy Lundy
Spanish Grilled Cheese SandwichesSandwichSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Special Strawberry Spinach SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesNancy Hildebrant
Spinach SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesNancy Hildebrant
Stacked SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Sweet Potato Jalapeno SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Taco StewMexicanStewSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
TGIFriday's Black Bean SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesNancy Hildebrant
The Best Tortilla SoupSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesNancy Hildebrant
Three Bean SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Tortilla SoupMexicanSoupSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Tuna Bean SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Tuna FishSalad, SandwichSoups, Salads and SandwichesLindsey Pilarczyk
Vegetarian ChiliChiliSoups, Salads and SandwichesHeather Mooty
Vermicelli SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Warm Chicken Sandwiches w/ Mushrooms, Spinach & CheeseSandwichChickenSoups, Salads and SandwichesStephanie Collins
Watergate SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
White ChiliChiliSoups, Salads and SandwichesConnie Horany
Wild Rice and Barley SaladSaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesPatricia Cooper
Yummy Salad from The Cheesecake FactorySaladSoups, Salads and SandwichesLindsey Pilarczyk
Aunt Margaret's RollsBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Banana BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastMegan Hildebrant
BiscuitsBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Bran Flax MuffinsBreads and BreakfastStacy Lundy
Bread SticksBreadBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Breakfast Casserole (Stephanie & Nancy)Eggs, HamBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Breakfast EnchiladasBreads and BreakfastHeather Mooty
Breakfast LoafBreads and BreakfastJessica Hildebrant
Broccoli CornbreadBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Brunch StrataBreads and BreakfastConnie Horany
Bubble BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastTraci Horany Bayer
Cinnamon Roll BakeBreads and BreakfastTraci Horany Bayer
Coconut PancakesBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Connie's Breakfast CasseroleEggs, SausageBreads and BreakfastConnie Horany
Cream Cheese BraidBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Cream Cheese BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Crustless QuicheBreads and BreakfastNancy Hildebrant
Egg MuffinsBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
French BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Fried PiesBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Gingerbread PancakesBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Gorilla BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastTraci Horany Bayer
Grandma's Whole Wheat BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
GranolaBreads and BreakfastNancy Hildebrant
Granola BarsBreads and BreakfastMegan Hildebrant
Greek BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Hot Roll DoughBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Jalapeiio, Sausage, Jack and Egg Breakfast BraidBreads and BreakfastTraci Horany Bayer
Lazy Chile RellenosBreads and Breakfast
Nut Butter BarsBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Oatmeal Applesauce PancakesBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Parmesan-Parsley Biscuit FlatbreadsBreads and BreakfastTraci Horany Bayer
Pumpkin BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastStacy Lundy
Pumpkin Nut MuffinsBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Pumpkin PancakesBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Raised DoughnutsBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Sausage and Egg Breakfast DishEggs, SausageBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Sausage Cheddar QuicheEggs, SausageBreads and BreakfastStacy Lundy
Signature Pizza CrustBreads and BreakfastLindsey Pilarczyk
Six-Week MuffinsBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Sticky BunsBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Strawberry BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastConnie Horany
Streusel ToppingBreads and BreakfastTraci Horany Bayer
Whole Wheat BreadBreadBreads and BreakfastGrandma (Lou Horany)
Whole Wheat WafflesBreads and BreakfastPatricia Cooper
Zucchini Egg BakeBreads and BreakfastStephanie Collins
Apple Cranberry CasseroleVegetables and Side DishesHeather Mooty
Asparagus with Orange Vinaigrette (From Southern Living)Vegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Baked Parmesan TomatoesVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Bock Beer Marinated Portobello MushroomsMushrooms, Goat CheeseVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Broccoli Rice CasseroleVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Broccoli with Lemon Sauce and AlmondsVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Carrots with OlivesVegetables and Side DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Cascade Potato CasseroleVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Cornbread DressingVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Couscous with FetaVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Cranberry RelishVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Creamed CornVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Diane's Shredded PotatoesVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Favorite Mixed Roasted VegetablesVegetables and Side DishesNatalie Horany
Fried Okra and PotatoesVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Garden FrittataVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Garlic Roasted PotatoesVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Green Bean BundlesVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Green Beans with Vinaigrette and FetaVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Green Chile CornVegetables and Side DishesNancy Hildebrant
Green Chile HominyVegetables and Side DishesLindsey Pilarczyk
Grilled Stuffed TomatoesVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Herbed PolentaVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Honey Baked BeansVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Lemony Green BeansVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Macaroni & CheeseAmericanVegetables and Side DishesKrystal Cooper
Mashed ParsnipsVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Parmesan Zucchini SticksVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Potato Stuffed Grilled PeppersVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Quinoa PilafVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Red Onions Roasted w/ Balsamic & HoneyVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Roasted Asparagus w/ Feta CheeseVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Roasted Cauliflower w/ Lemon Mustard DressingVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Roasted CauliflowerVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Sesame Sugar SnapsVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Squash CasseroleVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Squash Corn BakeVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Stir-Fried Asparagus with GarlicVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Sweet Green BeansVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Mashed Potato Casserole w/ Smoked Gouda & BaconVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Sweet Potato CasseroleVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Garlic and Mascarpone CheeseVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Orange Glazed Sweet PotatoesVegetables and Side DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Orange-Soy Glazed Green BeansVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Oven-Fried Sweet PotatoesVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Oven-Roasted Butternut SquashVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Oven-Roasted VegetablesVegetables and Side DishesStacy Lundy
Praline Yam Casserole w/ Orange SauceVegetables and Side DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Provencal Vegetable GratinVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Scalloped PineappleVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Sweet Potatoes with Pecans, Goat Cheese and CeleryVegetables and Side DishesStephanie Collins
Tomato PieVegetables and Side DishesTraci Horany Bayer
Twice-Baked PotatoesVegetables and Side DishesPatricia Cooper
Vegetable CasseroleVegetables and Side DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Zucchini Crust PizzaVegetables and Side DishesMegan Hildebrant
Angel Chicken PastaChickenPastasLindsey Pilarczyk
Baked Penne w/ Farmhouse Cheddar & LeeksPastasStephanie Collins
Baked ZitiPastasHeather Mooty
Bobby's Spaghetti SauceSaucePastasBobby Collins
Chicken & Spinach Pasta BakeChickenPastasStacy Lundy
Chicken SpaghettiChickenPastasGrandma (Lou Horany)
Creamy Chicken Spaghetti CasseroleChickenPastasHeather Mooty
Crock PizzaPastasConnie Horany
Fresh Tomato PastaPastasStephanie Collins
Healthy Chicken SpaghettiChickenPastasConnie Horany
Linguine with Chicken and Spicy PestoChickenPastasTraci Horany Bayer
Mock LasagnaPastasNatalie Horany
Penne Pasta with Bacon and CreamPastasPatricia Cooper
Roasted Shrimp and Orzo SaladSaladPastasStephanie Collins
Shrimp and Edamame RotiniPastasStacy Lundy
Spaghetti PuttanescaPastasStephanie Collins
Spaghetti with Roasted AsparagusPastasTraci Horany Bayer
Spinach & Feta PastaPastasLindsey Pilarczyk
The Best Lasagna EverPastasStephanie Collins
Vegetable LasagnaPastas
Almond Stuffed ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodStacy Lundy
Baked Chicken with CoconutChickenPoultry and SeafoodPatricia Cooper
Baked Salmon with RelishSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodTraci Horany Bayer
Barbecued ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodTraci Horany Bayer
Buttermilk Oven-Fried ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Cajun JambalayaCajunPoultry and SeafoodLindsey Pilarczyk
Cedar Plank-Grilled Salmon w/ Avocado-Orange SalsaSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodBobby Collins
Chicken Enchilada CasseroleMexicanChickenPoultry and SeafoodGrandma (Lou Horany)
Chicken EnchiladasMexicanChickenPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Chicken PiccataChickenPoultry and SeafoodKrystal Cooper
Chicken Pot PieChickenPoultry and SeafoodConnie Horany
Chicken with Artichoke Pepper SauceChickenPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Chicken with Lemon and CapersChickenPoultry and SeafoodTraci Horany Bayer
Chicken-Parmesan BundlesChickenPoultry and SeafoodTraci Horany Bayer
Cornmeal-Crusted TilapiaSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Crescent Chicken RollupsChickenPoultry and SeafoodPatricia Cooper
Crispy Oven-Fried ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodStacy Lundy
Curried ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodAunt Margaret
Curried Chicken and Broccoli CasseroleChickenPoultry and SeafoodStacy Lundy
Dijon Mustard Chicken FricasseeChickenPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Easy Baked Chicken BreastsChickenPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
EnchiladasMexicanPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Greek-Style Marinated Mahi MahiSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodTraci Horany Bayer
Grilled Alaska SalmonSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodLindsey Pilarczyk
Grilled Marinated ShrimpSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodKrystal Cooper
Hot and Crunchy TroutSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Imperial ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
King Ranch ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodStacy Lundy
Lemon-Mint Bulgur RisottoPoultry and SeafoodTraci Horany Bayer
Pan-Seared Tilapia with Citrus VinaigretteSeafoodPoultry and Seafood
Parmesan-Crusted TilapiaSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodNancy Hildebrant
Pineapple SalsaSalsa, PineapplePoultry and SeafoodBobby Collins
Pineapple Teriyaki SalmonSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodBobby Collins
Salmon CroquettesSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodConnie Horany
Salmon with Pineapple SalsaSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodBobby Collins
Scallops in Vermouth CreamSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Sea Bass with Citrus and SoySeafoodPoultry and SeafoodBobby Collins
Seared Scallops with Warm Tuscan BeansSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Sesame Seared TunaSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Sesame Seed ChickenChickenPoultry and SeafoodStacy Lundy
Shrimp EnchiladasMexicanShrimpPoultry and SeafoodPatricia Cooper
Shrimp with Ginger-Soy-Lime MarinadeSeafoodPoultry and SeafoodPatricia Cooper
Spicy Shrimp and GritsPoultry and SeafoodStephanie Collins
Super Chicken CasseroleChickenPoultry and SeafoodConnie Horany
Turkey BurgersTurkeyPoultry and SeafoodBobby Collins
Bacon Cheeseburger MeatloafBeefBeef and Pork EntreesConnie Horany
Beef and BulgurBeefBeef and Pork EntreesHeather Mooty
Best Ever Beef BrisketBeef and Pork EntreesHeather Mooty
Braised Short RibsBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Chipotle MeatloafBeef and Pork EntreesTraci Horany Bayer
Classic Pot Roast with Garlic-Thyme GravyBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Cranberry Pork LoinBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Crockpot HamBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Filet Mignon with A Horseradish GravyBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Five-Spice Beef and BroccoliBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Grilled Pork Tenderloin w/ Red Plum SauceBeef and Pork EntreesStacy Lundy
Hamburger Noodle BakeBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Honey Barbeque MeatloafBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Italian MeatballsBeef and Pork EntreesJessica Hildebrant
Marinated Flank SteakBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Mexican FiestaMexicanBeef and Pork EntreesStacy Lundy
Mexi-Hamburger CasseroleMexicanBeef and Pork EntreesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Party Pork ChopsBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Pizza BurgersBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Pork TenderloinPorkBeef and Pork EntreesConnie Horany
Roast Beef & GravyBeef and Pork EntreesLindsey Pilarczyk
Rosemary Beef or Pork TenderloinBeef and Pork EntreesPatricia Cooper
Sirloin of Beef in a Rosemary CrustBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Sweet Jalapefio RibsBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
The Ultimate BurgerBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Watermelon Injected Pork TenderloinBeef and Pork EntreesStephanie Collins
Zucchini PeriniBeef and Pork EntreesLindsey Pilarczyk
Baba Ga-Nooj (Eggplant with Tahini)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Baked KibbiLebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
BaklavaLebaneseDessertLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Cauliflower with Tahini SauceLebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Chicken and OkraLebaneseChickenLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Djaj mah Ruz (Baked Chicken with Meat and Rice Dressing)LebaneseChickenLebanese DishesStephanie Collins
Djaj Mtabbel (LemonChicken)LebaneseLebanese DishesStephanie Collins
Eggplant with LabanSauceLebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Fatayer bi Laham(Meat Pies)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Fatayer bi Sabanikh (Spinach Pies)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Hashwah (Key Recipe #3)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
HummusLebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Kaak-Bi-Haleeb (Sweet Bread)LebaneseBreadLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Kibbi Nayii (Raw Kibbi)LebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
KmajLebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Kousa Mahshi (Stuffed Squash)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Laban (Yogurt) and Labani (Strained Yogurt) - (Key Recipe #2)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Ma'amoul (Date and NutFilled Cookies)LebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Meat and Cauliflower and Laban SauceLebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Mujadara-Ruz (Lentils and Rice)LebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Poteetca (Sour Cream Coffee Cake)LebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Rice and Meat Filling for Vegetables (Key Recipe #1)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Riz-Bi-DfeenLebaneseLebanese DishesAunt Virgie
Ruz M'falfal (Lebanese Rice Pilaf)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Salata (Salad Dressing Mediterranean Style)LebaneseLebanese DishesMark Horany
SambuskiLebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Shiekh El' Mahshi (Stuffed Eggplant)LebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Shourabit Djaj (Chicken and Rice Soup)LebaneseSoupLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Stuffed SteakLebaneseLebanese DishesGrandma (Lou Horany)
TabboulehLebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Talami (Grandma's Pita Bread)LebaneseBreadLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Yabra Areesh (GrapeLeaf Rolls)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Yabra-Mal-foof (Cabbage Rolls)LebaneseLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
Zatar (Dirty Bread)LebaneseBreadLebanese DishesPatricia Cooper
175$ CakeDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Apple Cake with Hot Caramel SauceDessertCakes & PiesStacy Lundy
Apple DumplingsDessertCakes & PiesTraci Horany Bayer
Apple PieDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Applesauce CakeDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Apricot Pie or CobblerDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Banana CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Banana PuddingDessertCakes & PiesLindsey Pilarczyk
Banana Split CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Best Pecan PieDessertCakes & PiesStacy Lundy
Black Russian Cake (Kahlua Cake)DessertCakes & PiesConnie Horany
Bread PuddingDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Buttermilk Pound CakeDessertCakes & PiesHeather Mooty
Butterscotch Pound CakeDessertCakes & PiesTraci Horany Bayer
Cake BallsDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Caramel Apple CrispDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Carrot CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
CheesecakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Chocolate PieDessertCakes & PiesMyrt Cooper
Chocolate Pound CakeDessertCakes & PiesAunt Margaret
Chocolate Sheath CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Cranberry Pound CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Cream Pie FillingDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Devil's Food CakeDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Fresh Strawberry PieDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Frosting for Angel FoodCakeDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Grandma's Pecan PieDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Homemade Vanilla Ice CreamDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Individual Peach Upside Down CakesDessertCakes & PiesTraci Horany Bayer
Italian Cream CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Kentucky Derby PieDessertCakes & PiesNancy Hildebrant
King-Sized Key Lime PieDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Layered DelightDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Lemon Luscious PieDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Macadamia Fudge TorteDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Mama's Pumpkin PieDessertCakes & PiesLindsey Pilarczyk
MeringueDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Mississippi Mud CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Nut Pie CrustDessertCakes & PiesNancy Hildebrant
Oatmeal CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip CakeDessertCakes & PiesStacy Lundy
Old Timey Buttermilk PieDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Orange Glazed Pound CakeDessertCakes & PiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Peach CobblerDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Pie CrustsDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Pineapple PieDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Pumpkin CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Pumpkin Cream PieDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Pumpkin Pie CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Red Velvet CakeDessertCakes & PiesPatricia Cooper
Rocky Road Chocolate CakeDessertCakes & PiesHeather Mooty
Sopapilla CheesecakeDessertCakes & PiesStacy Lundy
Strawberry Jell- CakeDessertCakes & PiesStacy Lundy
The Best Bread PuddingDessertCakes & PiesHeather Mooty
Toffee Ice Cream DessertDessertCakes & PiesStephanie Collins
Best Oatmeal CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesTraci Horany Bayer
Buttermilk BrowniesDessertCookies & CandiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Caramel ChewsDessertCookies & CandiesTraci Horany Bayer
Caramel CornDessertCookies & CandiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Choco-Hoto-PotsDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Chocolate Chip CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
Chocolate Cream Cheese CupcakesDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Chocolate Crinkle CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesStacy Lundy
Chocolate Iced ButtersweetsDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
Classic Sugar CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesStacy Lundy
Coffee Crunch BarsDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Corn Flake CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesTraci Horany Bayer
Decadent Pecan BrowniesDessertCookies & CandiesHeather Mooty
Fresh Fruit Dessert PizzaDessertCookies & CandiesNancy Hildebrant
Frosted Peanut Butter BrowniesDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Goblin SoupDessertCookies & CandiesConnie Horany
Gooey Turtle BarsDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Halloween Peanut Butter and Toffee Candy BarsDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Hershey Marshmallow RollDessertCookies & CandiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Layered CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesStacy Lundy
Lemon BarsDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
Marshmallow SquaresDessertCookies & CandiesHeather Mooty
Molasses CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
Monster CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesNancy Hildebrant
Monster Marshmallow CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
Oatmeal CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesAunt Margaret
Oreo Cookie/Cream Cheese BallsDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
Our Favorite CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesNancy Hildebrant
Pecan Crunch Toffee BarsDessertCookies & CandiesHeather Mooty
Pecan Pie SquaresDessertCookies & CandiesNancy Hildebrant
PMS BarsDessertCookies & CandiesNancy Hildebrant
PralinesDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
Red's Ultimate M&M's Brand CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesStacy Lundy
Sand TartsDessertCookies & CandiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Skillet CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesHeather Mooty
Soft Pumpkin Cookies w/ Cream Cheese IcingDessertCookies & CandiesTraci Horany Bayer
The Real SnickerdoodleDessertCookies & CandiesStephanie Collins
ToffeeDessertCookies & CandiesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Twinkling Ginger CookiesDessertCookies & CandiesStacy Lundy
White Chip Cookies w/ Macadamia NutsDessertCookies & CandiesPatricia Cooper
White Chocolate Nut ClustersDessertCookies & CandiesStacy Lundy
White Chocolate Popcorn Snack MixDessertCookies & CandiesHeather Mooty
Au Jus Dipping Sauce (Great w/ Tenderloin Sliders or French Dip Pannini)SauceCondiments & BeveragesStephanie Collins
Barbeque SauceSauceCondiments & BeveragesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Cream Cheese Fruit SpreadCondiments & BeveragesTraci Horany Bayer
Gourmet CoffeeBeverageCondiments & BeveragesGrandma (Lou Horany)
Grape JellyJellyCondiments & BeveragesPatricia Cooper
Greek Salad DressingSaladCondiments & BeveragesTraci Horany Bayer
Honey Dijon VinaigretteDressingCondiments & BeveragesTraci Horany Bayer
Honey Mustard DressingDressingCondiments & BeveragesPatricia Cooper
Horseradish Mayonnaise (Great w/ Beef Tenderloin Sliders)SauceCondiments & BeveragesStephanie Collins
Hot ChocolateBeverageCondiments & BeveragesBobby Collins
Orange Raspberry SalsaSauceCondiments & BeveragesBobby Collins
Plum JellyJellyCondiments & BeveragesPatricia Cooper
Poppy Seed DressingDressingCondiments & BeveragesPatricia Cooper
SangriaBeverageCondiments & BeveragesStephanie Collins
Tequila MargaritasBeverageCondiments & BeveragesConnie Horany